Oil on Copper with Fabric Mounted on Board
This is the first painting of a new series I am doing with subjects wearing face masks. I am asking people from around the world to send me reference photos to work from.
I am focusing on the act of wearing a face mask; a small piece of fabric connecting the world, strengthening our fight against an invisible enemy, but at the same time making us feel different. I want to emphasize the opportunity for self expression, strength and unity that a face mask can represent.
Incorporating symbols of strength in the copper patina background and amplifying the vibrant details in my subjects, I want to highlight the role we can all embrace in combatting this world crisis together.
Each piece is a labor of love that starts with white vinegar and salt on a copper panel, graphite drawing studies, gesso with watercolor underpaintings, drilling and filing copper to allow for the mask fabric to pass through. That is all before I pick up my oil brushes. To get a photo realistic effect, I use traditional renaissance approaches of many thin layers of opposing oil colors and tiny brushes.
Follow my progress on instagram.com/paintingsbydfesta
Interested in being a subject? Learn more and submit here.

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