Historically portraits tended to be reserved for the rich and powerful, with carefully selected attire to highlight their prominent placement in society. My hyper-realistic, mixed media paintings highlight a different type of power, that which lies in individuals who have overcome challenges, painted in outfits that showcase their strength.
Since my thesis at UMASS Amherst in 2007, I developed a unique method of integrating fabrics into my pieces in order to tinker with viewers' perceptions. For over a decade I worked out of a collaborative building in Somerville, MA, painting real moments in the lives of my subjects, calling attention to the importance we put on clothing. In 2016, I moved to a studio at the Washington Street Mills in Dover, NH continuing to experiment with my mixed media applications of fabrics and oil paints. I began painting my cousin in 2021 who opened up to me about her childhood sexual assault after disassociating for 30 years. What started as a cathartic expression of the pain I felt and strength I saw emerging from my cousin has evolved into a full fledged project.  I am honored to collaborate to create and gift portraits to individuals that trust me to reflect back the empowerment I see. In 2022 I opened Aplomb Gallery where I showcase the project each summer in addition to featuring fellow inspiring portrait artists throughout the year.  I also teach workshops and run educational programs to make the healing power of art more accessible. In 2023, The Aplomb Project formed as a nonprofit and this is the main focus for my oil portraits.
As a professional artist, I have shown my work in over 50 exhibitions from the Boston area to New York City to Oslo, 17 of which were solo shows. I am the recipient of the Boston Biennial Gold Painting Award in 2009 and the Somerville Arts Council Fellowship Grant in 2013. Juried member of the New Hampshire Arts Education (AE) Roster, New Hampshire Artist Association and Women's Caucus for Art. In 2023, I was awarded the Community Arts Champion Award by the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce.
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