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Red Carpet Series

For the red carpet series, I took a different approach than snapping photos of unsuspecting pedestrians. In May of 2013, I set the scene for a photo shoot in which anyone could participate. Since my paintings focus on the influence of attire, I was looking for a true sampling of the variety Union Square fashion has to offer. Red CarpetThe contradiction of everyday people posing on what is normally reserved for the fashion elite is part of what drew me to the red carpet scenario. I had the opportunity to ask each subject how they their outfit made them feel and how they felt they were being perceived. I then used these descriptions in their titles.

The exhibition held on October 12, 2013 was a great success. I had some of my subjects return, press representatives stop by and interest from the general public in Union Square.

Erica Scharn of the Somerville Times wrote, “The exhibit drew casual onlookers as well. Chris Stacey and Phil Lefebvre, visiting from Atkinson, New Hampshire, stopped on their way to meet a friend at a Union Square restaurant. ‘I like the three-dimensional part of it. It’s very nice, very interesting,’ said Chris. ‘And it did look very real, like the people.’”

Alene Bouranova of the Quad wrote, "The exhibit was meant to capture the range of fashion in Union Square; the paintings pictured passersby in everything from suit vests and tailored jackets to Bruins gear
and bro tanks."

Red Carpet EventThe paintings I produced for the series can be seen here. If you are interested in purchasing an orginal painting, please contact me by email at danielle@daniellefesta.com. I am also selling coasters featuring the works.

Thanks to the Somerville Arts Council and the Mass Cultural Council for awarding me a 2013 Fellowship Grant. I also want to thank Union Square Main Streets for additional support. Thank you to Cantina La Mexicana and Sweet Ginger for donating food.



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